Adobe Lightroom Alternatives

Adobe Lightroom Alternatives 2021

Adobe is one of the main companies that make the most in-demand tools for creative people. The suite of products covers a wide range of products, from graphic design to video editing. While Adobe Lightroom is definitely the most popular editing tool, it is far from the only one. In this article, we will analyze the best alternatives to the service.

Adobe Lightroom – professional photo editing software

All photo editors can be subjectively divided into three types – software with basic capabilities, programs for professional editing of large volumes of photos, as well as specialized solutions for solving complex processing problems.

Adobe Lightroom is the default app for many photographers. But if earlier you could buy the program and use it as much as you want, now it is available only by subscription. It is specialized software for photographers, focused on processing a large number of raw photos. The program combines the functionality of a RAW converter, a content sorting tool, and an advanced photo editor, the capabilities of which seem insufficient only against the background of Photoshop.

Lightroom contains profiles for most modern cameras, thanks to this, when importing images, there should be no problems with color distortion and other unpleasant nuances.

Lightroom is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud CC ecosystem, so you can easily work with content from different devices on different platforms.

The best alternatives to Adobe Lightroom

At the moment, for processing a large volume of photos, the program is practically no alternative solution. Of the “competitors”, only Capture One Pro is seen as a worthy “rival”. In the RAW converter market, the Lightroom vs Capture One confrontation is akin to an eternal iOS vs Android “war”. At the same time, each decision has its well-deserved fans and fair critics.

Among possible alternative options are the following:

  • Darktable

It is a complete program for securing an open code, with tools for organizing files and processing RAW images. I want more software to be safe from about 2009, the launch of the new developer Peter Budai allowed the system to expand the functionality of Windows platforms. The beta version of the Windows official version is now available for testing the beta version of the Windows version if the retailers think there are some shortcomings, including versions of other TIFF files with a note. The contrast slider also has a wider range, the developers said, and for local adjustments, there is an option of middle tones. Now you can also adjust the contrast through the new local Laplace filter, a new module that allows photo editors to adjust the details, adjustments, and middle tones.

  • Capture One Pro

It is the closest replacement for Lightroom, although its starting price of $ 299 makes it a tool for professionals and very serious enthusiasts only. The feature set is impressive. You can transfer your catalogs from Lightroom. Support for RAW files over 400 cameras. The editing tools are extensive and presented in a very visually appealing manner. In addition, there are many professional-grade features, including support for snap mode for live view shooting. Capture One Pro is likely to be overkill for many users. But there is a trial version available, so you can easily test it for yourself.

  • Luminar AI

Opening the program for the first time, you will already receive an identified image, which the AI itself will analyze and calculate the “depth” and other parameters. Using this data, artificial intelligence itself will offer to edit the photo using the necessary templates. Templates are automatically grouped into groups with unique properties.